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Paint and Brush

Painting and Restoration services

The jobs that make all the difference that you never get round to doing?

Fence painting:

We offer fence panel painting services starting with a huge variety of colours now available its becoming more popular. Prices vary on size and quantity of works.

Tarmac restore painting

Not suitable for every tarmac drive but where possible high quality tarmac painting will help seal and restore the blackness of your driveway.

Shed Painting

Again with a huge variety of quality external timber paint available we can paint your timber sheds with your chosen paint or we can source it for you.

Sleeper painting

As with sheds and fence panels its becoming poplar to treat or paint your garden timber sleepers.

Patio/Driveway Cleaing

Restore and revive your patio or driveway with our power washing, re-sanding or grouting and minor repair work servuices.

Shed/fence panel removal

We can remove empty timber sheds and old fence panels . please contact us for details.


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