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Core Gravel:

Our latest top specification gravel driveways offer a great alternative to traditional flagging, tarmac and block paving.

Gravel driveways were often seen as cheap or temporary surface that required constant attention to keep the stones in place and weeds out.

This simply isn’t true, our cellular reinforcment system adds many benefits to a gravel driveway and produces an extremely, beautiful and permeable finish.

Benefits include:


Creates a permeable surface which drains to the water table complying with new planning laws.

The plastic cells are made from 100% recycled materials.

Stops the past problem of gravel movement and prevents wheel slip proving a more solid surface.

Laid above a suitable weed membrane to prevent unwanted weed growth.

Never cracks or sinks.

Low maintenance.

Cost effective when compared to other surfaces.

Core gravel installer
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