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This page features links to additional resources on our website such as example projects and locations on where we carry out our work.

Driveways and patios in Altrincham , Hale and Timperley: Examples of work in these areas:

Driveway and Patios in Didsbury and Chorlton: Expales of work carried out in Didsbury area:

Driveway and patios in Urmston and Stretford: More work in and around Urmston area.

Driveways and Patios in Cheadle and Gatley: Examples of works in and around Cheadle

Driveways and patios around Wythenshawe: Work from around the Wythenshawe areas.

Fencing and gates in Altrincham, Hale and Timperley: Expamles of fencing and timber gates .

Fencing and gates in Didsbury and Chorlton: Timber gates and garden fencing in the Didsbury area.

Fencing and gates in Urmston and Stretford: Treated fencing examples in Urmston

Fencing and gates in Cheadle and Gatley: Our works using a range of fencing and gates.

General paving and examples of driveways and fencing in Manchester


Driveway and fencing in Wilmslow: Work in and around Wilmslow.

Block paved driveways in Altrincham: A gallery of our Altrincham block paving jobs.

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