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Porcelain Paving for Outdoors:

Porcelain Patios and Driveways :

Marshalls porcelain patios

In recent years Porcelain paving has become very popular and now accounts for a good portion of patios and to a smaller extent driveways.

Porcelain outdoor paving is a man made product mainly using natural materials with a very low water content , this allows for a huge range of colours sizes and textures to be created.

The benefits of porcelain are as follows:

Hard wearing and durable:

Frost resistant:

Low Maintenance:

Stain resistant:

Slip resistant rating R11 (safe in wet and dry environments)

The manufacturing process makes the above benefits possible and makes Porcelain paving an excellent choice for your home paving with a vast range of sizes and colours to suit all tastes, its a highly versatile product with great benefits.

Our teams are experts in laying the paving to a high standard ensuring a beautiful Porcelain patio and longevity.

One of the very best suppliers are Marshalls who have a great range of high quality paving available , please see link below.

Altrincham patios


Please contact us for further information or a quotation.

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