India Stone/ Natural stone /slates etc..

Indian sandstone has become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years as a domestic patio or driveway product. Due to its strength and versatility coupled with its natural beauty, Indian sandstone is often the chosen product with many homeowners to produce functional yet stylish spaces for family and social use..

I would say 95% of all patio areas are done in one of the India stone available and its also used on driveways with a superior foundation adding real character and beauty to any home.

We have access to the whole market and generally use either The Natural Paving Company or Marshalls for consistent quality both of which we are registered installers.

If you find another product you would like to use thats no problem we can lay any stone from any brand. Please take a look at examples of our India stone work below. Altrincham patios in natural stone.

We lay India stone driveways in Manchester, Sale Altrincham etc.

Altrincham Driveways, Cheshire &Manchester Driveways and Fencing

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