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Resin Surfacing:

Resin manchester

We are currently working with our partners to bring the highest specification porous resin bound surfaces, available from April 2021


Resin based surfacing is becoming more popular here in the UK and is is based on two methods Resin Bound or Resin Bonded surfaces each are a resin based finishes with fine aggregate giving an impressive look.

Resin Bound:

This method relies on the aggregate and the resin being agitated together in mixer, and then spread over the prepared base with hand floats, screeding bars or shuttering and trowels to smooth the finish. This type of work generally ensures an adequate thickness is applied to the entire area and is a fairly common method of application, used with a block or cobbled border to frame the drive creates a visually pleasing effect.

Resin Bonded :

As the name suggests, this method involves applying the resin over a suitable base;(concrete or tarmac) and then 'scattering' the chosen gravel or aggregate over the sticky resin before it sets. Some systems use pre-coated aggregates, while others rely on applying a resin over the scattered stone the best method will vary from job to job.

We can quote for either option and give advise on the best method depending on your current surface.

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