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Common Questions about Block Paving

Block Paving Q&A

How much does it cost?

Block paving has a large range of types and laying patterns so you should find something to fit all budgets.

Does block paving move over time?

Simply it all depends on who’s has laid the paving and to what standards, a well laid block paved drive should have a life span of plus 20years we believe on building on a very good layered fully compacted foundation using the correct aggregates building up layers of strength to ensure longevity.

Do weeds come up through the joints?

Mostly no, on a well laid drive with good foundation weeds tend to drop into the sand joints and sprout as does moss rather than growing up through.

You will see “cowboy” jobs where the paving has moved and sunk in places and has lots of weeds.

Are all blocks the same quality?

We generally stick to the top brands that produce consistently good blocks over many years, Marshalls and Tobermore are 2 of those.

How do you maintain blocks?

Each drive is different as the location and ground plays a role in how well it weathers. Generally, the more sun a drive gets the better it will weather. Cold damp areas with less sunlight will usually get the most algae and moss growth.

You can power wash and re sand block paving and seal them which usually will keep them good for 3-5 years. Blocks can easily be changed individually if there are small oil leaks or the such.

Does a membrane go down under the blocks?

This all depends on the ground under the new foundation layer or sub base, if upon excavation we find the ground to be unusually soft, silty or sandy we may advice a geo textile membrane which helps stop the foundation and sub grade layer from mixing which should improve longevity against movement and help stabilise the ground.


For any more advice on block paved driveways or questions please contact us:

0161 9808333

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